Saturday, January 19, 2019

Shelton woman with liver disease seeks living donor

Sharing message from Kimberly Zito of Shelton: 
Did you know that you can donate a part of your liver and help save a life? 

It is also the only organ in the human body that can fully regenerate on its own. 
Kimberly Zito
I unfortunately need a liver transplant at the age of 32. 
I was born with a liver disease that has unfortunately become worse in the past year and am looking for someone who might be a match and willing to help save my life. 

There would be no cost to you as my insurance will take care of the medical bills. 
If interested please call the center for living donors at Yale New Haven Hospital at 866-925-3897 and reference my name. 
Please share with your family and friends to help spread the word. Thank you!

Seymour Fire Department reminds residents to clear hydrants

Sharing from the Department Facebook page:

With the pending snow/ice storm coming this weekend please help us by clearing the fire hydrants on or around your property. 

Here is some information to help if you don't know exactly what needs to be done.

Seymour Fire Department shares storm safety tips

With the upcoming storm this weekend, the Seymour Fire Department wants to remind everyone about some important safety tips.
1. Please remember to clear paths to all of your doorways. It is important to have multiple ways out of your residence in an emergency.
2. Clear snow around any vents such as heaters or dryers.
3. In the event of a power outage, use flashlights not candles. If you have to run a generator, make sure it is at least 10 feet from your residence and the exhaust is blowing away.
4. Make sure you have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
5. Make sure you check on elderly neighbors and family members.
6. Please help us out by shoveling around your neighborhood fire hydrants, it will help us help you in the event of an emergency. Our crews will be out shoveling hydrants next week, but it takes a long time to get them all done in between emergency calls. Please help us by adopting a hydrant near your residence.
7. In the event of an emergency, remember to call 911 not the firehouse.
Stay safe and enjoy the storm!
*Shared from the department's Facebook page.

Recuperation journey: Morning socializing

"Meet me at the forsythia."

Logan, Klarides slate Town Hall Meeting, update at Woodbridge Library

Recuperation journey: Morning visitor

I'm lucky to have a perfect view through the window of the forsythia that our feathered friends love. 

Recuperation journey: Calm before the storm

 Have a great Saturday!